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EPIC Bareback Fuck

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He takes me...

Posted: May, 19, 2016

In the e-mail, he tells me he wants me to wear a jockstrap tonight. He will come in and my ass is to be propped up in the air. I decided to do as he says, but not in the bed; on the sofa in the living room, so that when he lets himself in I'm right there waiting for him.

He has come here before. Every couple of weeks, when our schedules coincide, he drives an hour to my place. Tonight, I ask him to text when he's five minutes away so that I am sure to be ready for him.

I hear the door open behind me. "Oh... oh.. ohh..." I decide not to turn around to see him, or even say Hello. I will give all control to him. This is the last decision I make tonight.

He touches my ass, gently tracing around, tapping the hole to make it twitch and pucker. A tongue, a warm lick, a bite on the cheek. He undresses while doing this and I never feel unattended.

"Open it up for me," he instructs softly. "Give me something to play with."

There is no real traditional foreplay. No sloppy kissing or tentative stroking. He establishes ownership of my ass within minutes. Tongue, fingers, toys. Warm lube spiraled and dripped into the pucker. He does as he pleases. I am an object for him to play with.

Then it happens. He sinks it in, oh so slowly. God, it's wonderful. I still haven't looked at him, and his thick cock is sliding in, deep, deep. He slides it in and out. Jesus, he's so deep.

He now presses his body to my back. His muscled pecs are warm and drenched with sweat already. His arm reaches around in front of my face and I clutch it, the first I've been allowed to touch him. I lick his forearm, kiss the bicep. I reach around behind me and clutch his perfect bubble ass to encourage his thrusting.

He takes me to the bed and fucks harder and more mercilessly. It's fantastic; with all my others, I'm in control, I'm the top even when I'm bottoming. But with him, I let go. I'm his puppet, and I bend and stretch, clench and push as he instructs.

He's wrapped himself around my body and is gripping me, restrained into a fetal position facing him, pounding my ass like he's trying to break me, our eyes open and locked on each others'. I'm having wave after wave of prostate orgasms and I can't imagine it ever ending.

He cums deep inside me and I clench his cock with my hole as he spasms and grunts, sweat pouring off both of us. Two hours has passed in the real world, but we've long since left it.

When we both catch our breath, we spoon on the soaked sheets. We don't bother to clean up; we've enjoyed every drop of fluid we've both lost so far, why be so quick to wash it away?

We spoon and doze for a while before he leaves and talk about God.

47846-He takes me...-Manpuppy

Under WHERE?

Posted: February, 11, 2016

38832-Under WHERE?-Manpuppy

Did you love my live cam show with Brandon Atkins or did you LOVE it?


Brandon has an energetic, bubbly personality, a hot, hairy lil body, and he's a great kisser - not to mention, an awesome fuck! I loved pounding his tight hole, and I love the fact that he's light enough for me to pick him up... I'm sure you've seen my Fuuuuuucked! video with Taylor Tinker - "Stand & Carry" is turning into my Thing! lol


NEWS: So many fans in our online audience complimented our underwear, and a few even asked if they could buy it. So, I've updated my TIP PAGE so now you can! Be sure to follow the instructions when ordering Underwear (or anything else from the Tip Page).


They'll be autographed by me and/or Brandon (your choice), you can specify whether you'd like them freshly washed or, as of this writing, I still haven't washed them since the cam show. Also, I'm happy to "add a little something" immediately before shipping, on request, but you'll have to e-mail me privately with those instructions ;) I'll even give you a short video of me doing it as a little added bonus!


Specify the underwear you're inquiring about:




Anyway, I had a ton of fun with my new co-star, and we clicked great - when we start talking off-camera there's never two seconds of silence between us. We rambled on and on with each other for an hour after the show yesterday, sitting naked on the sofa. I think we can expect to see a lot more of this hottie in the future :)

How to Impress Me (and how to disappoint)

Posted: February, 04, 2016

As I've mentioned before, I would never seriously date anyone who wouldn't perform on camera with me. There are few serious tests of peace with one's self in my mind, such as skydiving, public speaking, and getting a cock shoved up your ass in front of 1,000 people. I've done all three, and the last one pays my mortgage.


That said, the potential objects of my affection last year included a guy so neurotic he had a hard time getting himself together to come over to my place (even though he lives a three minute walk away), and a sociopath who broke my heart then blamed me for having feelings and wonders why we can't still be friends. So, my system isn't perfect. lol


In the meantime, I do play off camera, testing the water for that perfect balance of crazy enough to do porn but sane and (self-)respectful enough to avoid sending rambling drunk texts. I like to fuck, I like to get fucked, and it's not always best to bring the camera out on the first hook-up. (Although, a startling number of my co-stars meet and hook up with me for the first time solely to go one cam!)


I'm writing this before I get cleaned up to go see "T" this afternoon. He's a terribly handsome Italian, with a SMOKIN' body. He loves my cock, and adventurous sex.


The other night, he texted me from his office, horny. I was instructed to drive to the parking lot and wait til he went on break. A few minutes after I arrived and texted him, he power walked out the front door of the building, got in the passenger's side of my car, and hungrily took my dick in his mouth. He sucked me hard, his mouth was so hot, and I blew a giant load down his throat. Some of it oozed out around his lips, down his beard. He got back out of the car without saying a word and went back inside. One or two other employees were going about their business in the parking lot the entire time, unaware.


Ihope he checked his beard before he went back to his desk. lol


After I shower, I'm going over to his place to fuck his ass. I desperately want him to be on my cam show. Or maybe have dinner together. Will it happen? More will be revealed.

38322-How to Impress Me (and how to disappoint)-Manpuppy
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